Some Craps Tips that a Player Can Use

Some of the tips and techniques that you can use in playing craps are the following: First, do not be afraid to ask the dealer for help. A good and honest dealer is always ready and knowledgeable so that he can answer all of the questions or queries of a player. Another good tip for you is to keep your hands out of the way of the dealer. Because you would not want to ruin a game by blocking a toss with your hands, would you?

Secondly, remember to keep your hands away from the table especially when the dice are about to be thrown. Thirdly, do not carelessly throw away your cash. Take your time in reviewing the craps table and the game that is currently being played before deciding to put down your money. Fourth, do not dream of achieving the unthinkable. Play on the craps table that has a minimum that will not leave you broke and without cash because a bad decision to stick with a high minimum can really drain your bankroll. Fifth, give the dice your best toss. Some players practice for many hours on how to toss the dice first before even joining a real game.

Do not allow the dice to just slide down the table or to just carelessly drop them in the craps table. One wrong move is acceptable for a beginner player in craps but do not make them a regular habit because that is not the way to win a game.

Sixth, you have to also pick up after yourself. You should be the one to ask for your own winnings in the game and it is not the job of dealer to remind you that you should not forget to get your winnings. Seventh, the best way on how to approach a game is to apply the Pass, the Do Not Pass, the Come and the Do not Come wagers. Eight, you should never apply a line or a Come wager that you cannot support with a large odds.

The "odds" are where you can bring down the house edge that is set up against you. Put down a six and an eight to win triple in six dollars. These are only good enough place wagers right on the craps table.

Ninth, do not put yourself right in the middle of the game. The propose wagers in the middle of the table have a really high casino advantage. Some have a house advantage as high as 16% percent. Tenth, do not scream out your advice to everybody and just keep silent about it. If you are the type of a player that usually Do not Pass on his wagers, do not say out loud "Go seven!" It is the height of rudeness and disrespect when you cheer against the other players at the table and lastly, you may request the dealer in the table to put down some bets for you.


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