Playing Craps in Casinos

Craps has a long history, tracing back to both the Nile and Mississippi river. It was first played thousands of years ago in Egypt, particularly in Thebes, which was the Egyptian capital at that time and was called the Theban dice. Eventually, as time passed by it evolved into a game known as Craps. In American it was first played in Mississippi in the late 19th century.

Craps is one of the most exciting and fun-filled games to play although sometimes it is hard and complicated to understand especially for beginners in the game. With online casinos being a common feature, players can now play this game while at any place around the world, unlike before back in Mississippi and Egypt.

Like any game of chance that is played or featured at an online casino, craps can be an intimidating game because of its complexity especially for rookies in the game. Craps also usually involves "dice control and controlled shooting", which are two techniques that are commonly used to achieve a favorable result in the game. Players must also be familiar on when to place their bets because this also holds a significant influence on the outcome on the whole game. But there should be no problem if a beginner in the game will first learn the basic skills needed in Craps before playing in a game whether in an online or land based casino.

Online casinos provide the player a sense of privacy because he can play even staying home on his own personal computer away from loud and distracting crowds. Gamblers playing in online casinos just need to figure out the lay-out of the craps table that they are playing on. They should have no trouble doing it in a quiet environment.

By learning the game slowly, craps players can now play their first game without any trouble at all at any online casino. The most optimal strategy that you could follow is to just place a minimal bet on the pass line, which is the line that encircles the entire craps table compared to the no-pass line.

Come bets are also called winning bets if the result is either 7 or 11. Any numbers that create a certain situation is called a pass line point. A reoccurrence of the number before rolling on a 7 numbers make you a winner during the game.


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