Some Techniques to Improve your Game in Craps

One of the best tips that any player can learn in any casino game is to always practice. Players can always practice on the free craps games that are offered on the web.

They are easy to understand and will not cost the player a single penny. Players can later on move to real money casino games or can even play at land based casinos. But before that, players must first learn some kind of technique that they want to use. Then they must use it frequently in their game so that they will get used to it.

Players must not shift their technique during the middle of the game. Players can always ask the dealer if they have any questions during a land based casino game. But if a player is playing in an online casino, they can always email customer support with their questions.

Players must always respect table regulations. It is usually just common sense, so even beginners will have no trouble understanding them. The table in a live craps game is usually filled with a lot of players, so try not to occupy more than your space.

Players should always keep their hands to themselves. No player wants to be the cause of delay if they accidentally get in the way of a toss. Think carefully first before placing your wagers. Pick a gaming table that can accommodate your bankroll and always review the table minimum.

Review the Pass Line and Put down six or eight wagers first. The casino edge on these wagers is 1.5% percent, which makes these wagers feasible. Avoid proposition wagers like hardways, the horn and others.

Any craps wager has a casino edge of 11% percent. Pass Line wagers are always advisable for your wagers. Since a majority of casinos like to go up to 100x odds, players can try doubling the odds.

Player can ask the dealer or read the regulations if you are playing online in order to know the odds. Lay wagers have a 5% percent casino commission so players have to avoid that. Field Bets are single roll wagers so there is a high risk on making this wager.

Players should place field wagers when they feel that the craps shooter will roll a two, three, four, nine, ten, eleven or twelve.

Players should also be careful in making buy wagers because the house has a 5% percent commission on it.

They are the only numbers on the buy wager that has a good return of 2:1 in the player's advantage. Players should avoid a progressive pass line wager when they are on a losing streak.

Players should make free odd wagers if they are given a good chance. There are additional wagers on the other wagers that the player has already made. The casino edge for this wager is 1.5% percent to 0.8% percent and the casino does not charge any commission.


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