Some Terminologies in Craps

You must learn the terms that are commonly used in craps so that you will be familiar with them when it is your turn to play in a real game. Some of these terms are 'come-out', which means that is the start of a craps game or it is the term applied when the shooter comes-out of the roll. The next words that you have to be familiar with are 'the pass' and the 'do not pass.'

These terms are about two bets which can be put down on the table. The pass bet is when the shooter will make his decision and get the number that he must hit before he achieves a seven. A don't pass bet is when he will not make his point. The numbers that are classified as a point are four, five, six, eight, nine and a ten.

The next term is the come box, which is a box that is on the layout, the layout is a representation on the table; where the come bets are put down after the craps shooter has made his point.

The opposite of come is the do not come, which is a wager that you can place after the craps shooter has made his point. The hard 4, the hard 6 and the hard 10 are wagers that those numbers that will be made with some doubles. The wagers that can be made in craps are the numbers two, three and twelve in partners or just a single one. The Big Red, which is the number seven, which is feared at the craps table.

A seven is rightfully feared if you are a good bettor, which means that betting together with the craps shooter and against the number seven. But the opposite can happen when it is a bad bettor, which betting opposite the craps shooter and in favor of the seven. The number seven is a heaven sent opportunity for the bad bettor.

Another term is the boxcars, which are a pair of six on the dice. The "boxman" is the one in charge and is seated right in the center of the table and facilitates the game, making sure that the game is supervised correctly by the dealers who run the game.

A sleeper is actually a wager that has been forgotten at the table behind in his haste to leave the table or even the casino itself. Some odds can be single, in pairs or even in threes and it means on how much you can proportionately increase your pass, the do not pass, the come and the do not come wagers when they fall on the number and with the 100 times the odds, which are wager sizes.

A proposition when related to craps is one of the wagers that are place right in the middle of the layout and has a really large casino edge or means on how much cash the casino gets from you when you win in a wager.

Another phrase or word that can be used in a house edge is Vig or "Vigorish". Another term is a field which it is an area where you can bet on what is the following number that will come out the next round: a two, three, four, nine ten, eleven or twelve. A point means the number you must get before the number seven shows up so that you can win the game. A Hop wager is when a bet that the dice you choose.

A hot shooter is a person who is getting money from the table by rolling the numbers and points. A horn bet is a bet on a one roll that the two, three, eleven or twelve will be rolled. A place wager is one that is placed on the box number that is placed at the beginning of the layout. A "crazy crapper" is a player that makes crazy wagers with a high casino edge at craps like hard ways, the hops and the craps and a buck is a colored black and white disk that lets the player know which number is the point.

These are just a few terms you need to know. Study these and mke your next trip to the craps table great.


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