The Put Wager in Craps

A Put Wager or Bet is a wager that is rarely used that is made by players on the pass line after the craps shooter makes his point. For example if a player has not wagers left already and the craps shooter throws a six, your number of choice.

The player can then put his wager down on the pass line and then take the best odds. The main reason why a lot of craps player do not utilize this type of wager is because it was not the optimum choice for the player or the normal craps shooter. A player will miss out on the come-out 7 and 11, where the player on the pass line has a good advantage in a double your odds casino.

But in a lot of resorts there are 5 or even 10 times the odds that are available to the player, so this wager has come back into existence. The bigger the odds that are being given more than compensate for the 7 and 11 on the come out. But what should a player do if the casino near them is a double odds casino.

A player can still make a put wager after the come out but it is still more advisable to make a pass line wager and explore the come out of 7 and 11. For example, if a player wagered $5 dollars on the pass line, the player will win a come out 7 and then leave the $5 dollars on up and the end up at the pass line at six.

But if the player knows in advance that point will be a 6 or an 8, then a player can wager more, because those two are the most in demand point numbers. In a double your odds casino, a player is only limited in your odds at the flat wager. A player can use the put wager by making a second pass on the line wager. Instead of just putting it in your original wager, you can say to the dealer that you are putting an additional wager into your pass line wager.

Then take the maximum or biggest odds that you can find. This is approved in most casinos but you have to make sure that dealers know what you are up to so that you will get the correct winnings. The odds that are given on the six or the eight are at 6:5 ratio, so if a player puts a $5 dollars wager with a $10 dollars with a double odds, you will get $5 dollars on a minimal portion plus $12 dollars for the odds parts or a grand total of $17 dollars.

If a player adds $5 dollars to their flat wager ($10 dollars) most casinos out there will give you $25 dollars odds instead of $20 dollars to make giving the payout easier. A player will also have an added advantage in a come out at a 7 or 11 with a minimum wager in case the point number is not a 6 or 8.

So a player should remember to just start with a $5 dollars wager on the pass line and if the point number is a 6 or 8, then make a put wager for $5 dollars and add it to your $5 dollars flat wager. Then just place your $25 dollars on the odds which will be added to your $10 dollars wager.


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